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Tradology is one of the foremost educational e-mini daytrading companies in its field.  We are a Financial Trading & Educational Software Company that specializes in teaching you how to successfully daytrade the e-mini index markets such as the S&P 500, Russell, DOW, and Nasdaq using a proprietary set of simple yet powerful indicators and paintbars that have been developed exclusively for these markets.  We have one of the most comprehensive and easy to use educational program in the industry that centers around our powerful methods, logical money management, and great training and support. 

Our educational daytrading program is built around our proprietary indicators and paintbars called IntelliBars™ & IntelliDots™.  These Studies take many conditions and incorporate them into one IntelliBar or IntelliDot with Audio and Visual Alert Capabilities.  The IntelliBar paints the price bar a certain color to let you know when an entry is setting up and the IntelliDot paints a dot to manage your stops.  This reduces the need to rely on and watch many indicators at one time.  In addition to alerting you visually, our studies also alert you audibly with a sound alert. 

By combining powerful trading methods into simple buy and sell paintbars, we have reduced the complexity of trading into one pricebar and eliminated the need for charts with a bunch of indicators.  Our simple step by step program is clear and concise and can be used by anyone from the novice trader to the experienced professional.

Tradology will teach you and educate you on how to take advantage of and discover profitable trades in the e-mini markets by being able to identify high probability situations and trades with low risk entries. You can learn to control your trading while minimizing your risk with accurate trade selection, first-rate education and proper money management and also learn to control fear and greed.

Tradology will also tell you when not to trade. Everything may look right to enter a trade, but the Tradology program will say "No". You will discover that the Market Structure was not right. How much investment money, commission and time do you think that will save you?

Our philosophy is simple: Easy to learn, easy to implement.  So Simplify your Life and your Trading.

Tradology trades when the market has proper Market Structure and confirmation for an entry. Stop losses and exits are dynamic, not fixed. Exits read the end of the move for the given time frame being traded. Ultimately, our goal is your goal – to maintain the highest possible reward ratios by becoming a successful e-mini trader.

  "Tradology will help you find entries and exits that make sense...How can I trust the Tradology Methodology???"

  "There are thousands of retracements on a one minute bar chart, how can I determine which way to go...How can I find the right solution???"

  We need to better understand what direction the trend is really going...How can I know with confidence which direction the trend is going???"

  "We need a better tool to understand how market structure works...How am I supposed to remember everything???" 

Three Reasons to Believe in Tradology

Reason one: Intellibars™ - Our proprietary IntelliBars are the only paintbars available to the public that take several market conditions and turn them into some of most powerful entries you have ever seen.

Reason two: IntelliDots & IntelliShowme’s will tell you what the Trend is, when to exit a positions, if the market is retracing or if there is strength in the Market.

Reason three: Market Structure - Understanding what price action is doing within Market Structure. You will always know if the Market is firmly going up or down, congested or working toward a trend change.

How do we Teach you?

Tradology utilizes our EMT Program


There is no need to complicate things, the best way to learn something is:

 Education - Study and Learn.
 Mentoring - Ask Questions and Watch the Tradology experts show you the Tradology Program.
 Trading- Successfully Implement what you have learned.

We are willing to show you our Tradology Program in action, LIVE and in Real Time using the E-mini markets.

Watch how we implement the Tradology Methodology and learn how to use our set-ups, indicators, paintbars and showme's to read and understand Market Structure so you can start making trades that make sense whether the market is going up or down.

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